Where is Marijuana Legal in the world?

Marijuana or weed has long been a subject of legal debate and discussions. Today, its use is legal in places like Uruguay, Canada, Colorado and California. It is not just in the United States that weed has been decriminalized. There are many other countries that permit the use, possession, sales and purchase or even growth of marijuana – for recreational or medical purposes. Find out about some of these countries where weed has been legalized in the world.


The drug laws here are more relaxed than in the U.S. But the laws have become stricter since 2006, and residents can only possess 2 gm hash or 6 gm flower.


The country has decriminalized the possession of 50 mg heroin, ½ gm cocaine and 5 gm flower. In 2017, the medical cannabis bill was passed for the first time in Mexico. A number of activities are still trying to legalize weed fully in the country. Growing and using cannabis is regarded illegal even today.


In 2013, cannabis was legalized in Italy – but only for medical usage. Residents need a prescription to buy weed from licensed pharmacies that are state operated. The use of even small amounts of marijuana is regarded as a crime here – which can lead to fines or suspension of passport, driving license or other documents.


Since 1986, Colombia allows residents to grow as many as 20 plants in their household. In 1994, the personal possession of such drugs has been decriminalized. In 2015, the government of Colombia legalized cannabis for medical usage.


The country makes cannabis illegal. However, it has decriminalized the possession of 5 grams of weed without any intention to sell. The growth of 10 or less plants without any aim to sell has also been decriminalized.


The use of cannabis, as well as heroin and cocaine, has been decriminalized in Norway – from last December.


Recently, it has legalized the use of medical cannabis. The possession and usage of the drug have also been decriminalized. Since 1988, residents can transport up to 10 gm of weed for personal usage in Paraguay. However, they are not allowed to grow plants on their own.

Czech Republic

In 2010, the use of weed plants was decriminalized. The use of the plant by adults is still a criminal offence. But residents can transport up to 5 gm hash and 15 gm flower for personal usage and the growing of 5 plants at home.

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