Is there medication to help quit smoking?

According to statistics for the first half of 2018, over 1 billion people in the world are addicted to smoking. Smoking is the leading cause of lung, throat and mouth cavity cancer. It also causes many other disorders and diseases, as well as premature death. Therefore, scientists have been trying to answer the “Is there medication to help quit smoking?” question for decades. Currently, there are many different drugs available in the market that are said to be helpful in the smoking quitting process.

USA and Europe approved medications

Three medications which had led to significant results in majority of users have been approved in the USA and Europe. These are:

  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy
  • Bupropion
  • Varenicline

Nicotine Replacement Therapy is the most widespread type of treatment which helps in the smoking quitting process. It has the task of preventing, or alleviating abstinence symptoms. All available agents, including nicotine patches, nicotine chewing gums and nicotine sprays work in the same way. The mechanism behind it is based on slow release of small doses of nicotine into the body. This is opposed to the cigarette smoking mechanism, where high doses of nicotine are inhaled in a short period of time, which leads to a very short period of only 7 seconds necessary for nicotine to reach our brain.

Bupropion was primarily an anti-depressant drug. It was not particularly effective. However, its efficacy was proven when it comes to quitting smoking. It imitates the effects of certain hormones which help overcome the negative feelings and effects of lack of nicotine for the nicotine addicts.

Varenicline is also often prescribed medicine. It was proven that use of varenicline in combination with bupropion gives excellent results.

Other available medications 

There are several other medications available in countries other than USA and Western Europe. One of the most famous and successful ones is Cytisine. This is a medication currently approved for use only in Eastern Europe. This cheap medication was developed in Bulgaria and its users claim that the medicine helped them quit smoking within only 4 weeks.

Simply put, is there medication to help quit smoking? -Yes, there is. There are different medications in different markets, based on different medication mechanisms. However, your will, dedication and sticking to the rules and advice given by your health practitioners and psychologists play the most important role in the quitting process.

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