How to quit smoking?

Smoking is an addiction that affects a large number of people in the world. According to some statistics, approximately 1 billion people smoke on a daily basis. This is why “How to quit smoking?” is one of the most researched topics on the internet. Unfortunately, this is not a very easy and effortless process. However, quitting smoking is an achievable goal with a lot of strong will and support.

Three key ways for quitting smoking

There are different ways and answers to the “How to quit smoking?” question. This depends on the personality of each individual.
These ways include:

• ‘Quitting abruptly’ – without too much preparation, the smoker decides to quit smoking in an important moment, i.e. the turning point of his / her life
• Diminishing the tobacco / nicotine addiction and then gradually quitting smoking completely. During this process, the smoker slowly moves to using light cigarettes and reduces the number of cigarettes per day in order to gradually lower the dose of nicotine. After a certain period of time, the smoker completely stops smoking.
• Getting rid of the ritual and habit first. The smoker first replaces the habit of lighting a cigarette by different nicotine substitutes: nicotine chewing gums or patches. This slowly leads to quitting smoking.

How to quit smoking – 4 simple steps and tips

You can quit smoking in just 4 simple steps. Of course, you will succeed only if you strictly obey these rules. At first, it may seem that this is not so easy but be persistent and the results will definitely come.

1. This tip might seem naive to you, but it definitely helps! Try to stick papers with reasons why you should quit smoking to prominent, visible places in your home.
2. Ask for help from your friends or family. They could provide support by reminding you of the reasons why you should quit smoking, on a daily basis. You can ask for professional help as well.
3. When you are bored, instead of reaching for a cigarette, try occupying yourself with something else. Read a book, solve a crossword puzzle, indulge in sports.
4. If you have noticed that you get the urge for cigarettes while drinking alcohol or coffee, try avoiding such drinks for a while.

If you want to quit smoking, remember that strong will, family support and professional help are the three key components for a successful process of quitting smoking.

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